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Antietam Fire Apparatus 

Kovatch Mobile Equipment Company


Custom Chassis  Predator, Predator Panther, Predator XL
Aerial Ladders Rearmount 75', 100', 110', 121'
Midmount 75', 100'
Aerial Towers Rearmount 85', 95', 102'
Midmount 81', 95', 100'
Fire Stix Rearmount 55', 75' 
Wildland Pumper Brush Trucks on Steroids
Severe Service Pumpers Designed originally for Los Angles County Fire Department  
Pumpers 750 GPM to 2250 GPM
  Front, Mid and Rearmount Designs
Pumper Tankers Commercial and Custom 1,000 to 4,000 gallons
Rescues Walk-In, Non-Walkin and Combinations
  With or Without Pumps
AARF Airport Pumpers Custom Built To Order 
Skid Units  Custom Built To Order by Antietam Fire Apparatus in Hagerstown, MD. Ford-550 Chevy 4500/5500